Looking for a mico-ATX mobo for overclocking

i am buying a new computer next week. I want to overclock a Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 (Wolfsdale). My first decision for the mobo was:
ASRock 4Core1600Twins-P35

But now i am thinking of buying a micro ATX-Board. So the simple question is, are there good micro-ATX boards for overclocking the E7200 and will i have to exspect overheating problems in an micro-ATX case with an ATI HD4850.

Thanks a lot for your help
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  1. Good luck about that. Most mATX motherboard seem to be built with HTPC in mind. You need to look carefully at how chipset are cooled for instance.

    I'm looking to this one:


    Same goes for the case. Cooling a mATX system shouldn't be a problem as long as the case is built with airflow in mind (which, again, isn't strong on most HTPC case).
  2. If you could wait, DFI is soon gonna launch a new range of mATX boards, part of the LanParty series. They'll use the P45 & P43 for Intel, and 780G & 780GX for AMD. With one of these you could crossfire a couple of 4850's later on if you need to.
  3. Thanks for your responses
    What do you think about this Board:
    ABIT I-N73V, nForce 630i

    The guy in this thread
    claims he got it up t 4ghz.
    Actually he used the Abit I-N73HD, but i can't see any difference except the gpu.

    Do think thats a good buy.
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