Linksys Router - Engenius 2611 CB3 Setup ?

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I Have Setup A Few Wireless Routers But Having Trouble With This One... I Am Trying to Connect a Linksys Wireless WRTG54G To An EnGenius 2611 CB3 200Mw Bridge With a Directional Antenna Pointed From My Shop To My House 300 Yards Away, The House Has A Belkin N Wireless Router, I Can Connect To The Router And Get To The Web With the Cat5 Cable Connected To The Ethernet Port On My PC, But When I Connect The Cat5 To The Linksys And Try To Connect To The Web Through The Wireless It Get A Page Load Error.... Any Help Is Appreciated.
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  1. You're not talking about the WRT54G are you? In any case, the Belkin has better range than any G router, since it relies on a more powerful Wireless networking standard (802.11n). If you want to connect your WRT54G to your Bridge wirelessly, consider getting an extra antenna for it and actually putting it on the outside wall of your house, so that there'll be no walls to interfere with the signal.
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