WD caviar help

i am wondering whether to buy:

Western Digital Black Caviar GP 500GB SATA II 7200RPM 32MB Hard Drive


Western Digital Caviar 1TB SATA 7200rpm 32M Hard Drive

is there that much difference in speed/reliability between the two?
i could just buy another 500GB when the need arise and if so do you have to reinstall the OS when setting up a raid array?
what raid array is best for 2 caviar black 500GB's?
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  1. You might as well get the 1TB model, since you'll be spending only 10 NZDs more. For all intents and purposes, both drives are the same, expect of course for their respective capacities.

    You don't need to reinstall your OS if you want to set up a RAID array. I suggest you read the RAID stickies for lots of helpful info and advice:
    RAID FAQ V1.3.1
    Switching Storage Controllers w/o Reinstalling Windows
  2. 1) The 1tb drive will actually be a bit faster with the data(like the OS) that will be initially loaded. The outer rings are faster because they are denser. That gives faster transfer rates and shorter seek times for the initially loaded data. For the extra $10, I think it is very much worth it.

    2) What do you want raid for? And, what type--raid-0, raid-1, or???
  3. thanks for the replys i will be buying the 1TB drive.

    was just asking bout raid if i bought the 500GB and ran out of space
  4. +1 to the 1TB drive. If you decide to build an array, remember to have some sort of backup system. More drives = more chance for an array failure.
  5. DON'T GET FROM PC ONLINE SHOP! They often put up older model HDD products without specifying the model to fool peoples. Besides, their shipping cost is INSANE too.

    The "iFocus" listed latest GP1TB WD10EADS for just $155 with Free Shipping(in fact, this is applied to any item over $100 at iFocus) 2 and 5 weeks ago.

    Just keep your eye on the Pricespy everyday and get it as soon as you see it, because they usually put up this price for 3 or 4 days only.

    Good Luck!
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