Is this good temps at 4GHz?

ok first off the voltages

CPU 1.32v (after Vdrop)
FSB 1.3v
NB 1.24v
Dram 2.2v (1066 ratio)

Ok my load temp is 58c max so far and my Idle temp is 30c. So is that a good temps. Those temps are after 30 minutes of Prime 95. Now will this system last for 2 years if I leave it like this?
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  1. What CPU???

    What Cooler???

    Now, can anyone predict the future of an overclocked system, I DON'T THINK SO.

    You know as well as everyone else here that if your cpu has a max voltage spec of 1.3625 - 1.500 and you have it set at 1.32v and your thermal spec of your processor is 70+ degrees C and your only at 58C MAX you shouldn't have a problem but as stated, no one I know of can see into the future to tell you for sure.
  2. Q9650 as in my sig below.
    Monsoon III LT CPU cooler.
  3. Well, I know I'm getting old and my eyes are going but I still don't see Q9650 in your sig, but thats OK.

    Thermal spec 71.4 degrees C your at 58 degrees = GOOD TO GO
    Voltage spec 1.3625 your at probably 1.34 (BIOS) or so = GOOD TO GO

    Looks like in your in good shape!!! Under volt and under temp can't do much better than that.
  4. nope. The CPU is the CPUz banner just click on it and it will give you what you need to know. I just need to finish the Stablity tests.
  5. Quote:
    Nope, those are terrible temps.

    So you would like us to believe your knowledgeable enough to overclock and you know all about vdrop but your not smart enough to know if 58c is a good max load temp?


    A sad attempt at bragging if I must say so myself.

    NICE ONE lol :D :D :D :D
  6. I'm coming from a Phenom 9850 which had a max temp of 61c. That is why I asked.
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