Which cooler to get for my 8800GT

What is the best cooler for the 8800GT? I dont care about looks or how silent it is. Wanting to overclock it but can't with my stock :(

Thanks for the imput. Was looking at the ZF1000 but cant really decide on what I want.
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  1. neither links work.
  2. im working on it one sec...
  3. Yeah Ill probably just go with the ZF1000. Thanks.
  4. ryanthesav said:

    I would go with the ARCTIC COOLING ACCELS1 Rev 2 because it is silent. But it is rather tall, when attached it is about 1.5 inches taller than the video card. The S2 (only two heatpipes) came with my ECS 9600GT.
  5. Glad I could help...NOT!...hum
  6. I just dont trust something that doesnt have fans :|
  7. Ive been using the ZalmanVF900 on my MSI NX8800GT Oced for month's now with no problem's.
  8. Why is Zalman always more expensive compared to Arctic, when they both work equally well?
  9. ^^^

    Better name brand recognition.
  10. Kenai28 said:
    I just dont trust something that doesnt have fans :|

    You can place a 120mm fan ontop of it (is cheaper then buying the Turbo module)... :p
  11. I'd go with the Zalman, but Thermalright makes one as well.
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