How high of a FSB can my 1333 mobo handle?

I have a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mobo which supports a 1333mhz fsb
I have:
intel e6750 (2.66) @ 3.2 stock voltage - 1.325v - i think
4gb 1066mhz ram (1110 max) @ 800 - 5-5-5-15 - 1.8v
ECS 9800 GTX+
Stock coller

The cpu is currently @ 400 x 8 which gives me a FSB of 1600, which is a lot higher than the specified FSB.

How far can I push it?

Is it safe to run like this?

Am I better of trying to push the FSB untill I need a voltage increase, or trying to reduce the ram timings?


p.s at 1110 the ram should have 5-7-7-25 timings @ 1.8v
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  1. 1333 motherboard means an FSB of 333 MHz. I have a GA-EP35-DS3P that was rock solid at 400 MHz with a Q6600. System was stable at 3.6 GHz. when tested with a 24 hour Prime95 run.

    Currently, it's running at 425 MHz with a Q9550.

    Currently, according to your parts list, the limiting factor is the HSF. I would not go any higher with the stock cooler. And youtr RAM timings do not look that good.

    When you start going for a max OC, you need to balance applied voltages and temperatures.
  2. With a stock cooler you'll need to look at your CPU temps. An aftermarket is a must buy is you plan to OC more.

    BTW, my Asus board with a P35 north bridge is sitting at a 450 FSB.
  3. With this current setup and the recent change to fan directions, 69C is the highest I get in prime 95 small ffts or whatever it is. About to buy coolermaster V8
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