HD-3850 driver kills on my EP35-DS3R

Hi Friends.

OK, I guess it's not unusual for a chap to come in off the street with a problem, hoping one of you regulars will fix it, then disappear. But bear with me... Following a modestly-old-PC crash I have just take the head-long plunge (into a puddle) and tried to set up my new PC from bits. This was for various reasons and I'm going to have to stick with it, so plan to be around a while to trade secrets where I can. The new PC parts are listed below - my problem is related to the HD-3850 graphics card on my Gigabyte EP35-DS3R mother board. I popped on a copy of XP pro and all was fine. Really quite easy in fact. Then the mother board drivers... Still fine. And I'm using the PC to write this now.

My problem is with the HD-3850 drivers. I can work without them, but I'm hoping these will make graphics rather more responsive (eg scrolling down a web page in Explorer) and I would like to use my TWO monitors. I'm not so interested in gaming, but video editing has been a hobby for a while - hence my plan to stick with XP and installing existing related hardware/software + more hard drives - eventually.

Without the HD-3850 drivers installed all is fine. Apparently I need DirectX installed before trying to install those drivers. Done. And then the drivers. When this is done I can only boot to XP Safe Mode. Standard mode appears to start to boot (you know, that progress bar does its thing) , then the screen switches off and there is nothing. Just fan noise. And I can repeat this symptom. In this state I can only re-boot usefully to Safe Mode where I can uninstall drivers and all is OK in XP ordinary mode again.

In summary, my mobo, disc drive, PATA DVD drive, graphics card (without ATI drivers) all work well. Extra power lead is plugged into the graphics card. So why can't I use the HD-3850 drivers? Any of you using thse drivers? Any help/comments/advice/sugestions at all would be appreciated. I've tried re-installing XP and the problem repeats.

Huge thanks in advance. Rich1.

EP35-DS3R mother board, BIOS v6.00PG, Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz (1333MHz) Socket 775 6MB L2 Cache, 1GB Corsair DDR2 1066MHz/PC2-8500 RAM, Sapphire HD 3850 Pro 512MB GDDR3 graphics board, Seagate ST3250410AS 250GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB Cache, Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W Modular PSU, XP pro service pack.
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  1. Just a guess, but when you say "stick with XP" do you include ALL of the updates? Your sig just mentions "XP pro service pack".
    Service packs 1 and 2 are necessary. SP3 is now out.
    Install SP1 and SP2 before you load your video card drivers.
  2. try different drivers. omega drivers, older 805, 804, 803 drivers, ect. Try and install just the drivers, no CCC.
  3. How long are you waiting after the screen goes blank? I have seen the screen go blank for a long while after the first reboot following the installation of ATI graphics cards. This is because it detects and reads the DDC information from your monitors. Give it a few minutes after you see the screen go blank before giving up.

    The other thing it could be is that for some reason your graphics card is putting out a video signal beyond the operating frequency of your monitors. If this is the case, you should be able to set it to 60Hz from Safe Mode and then hopefully reboot. One way to test this is if you have another monitor (different brand, preferably a CRT), try it. If it works then the problem is related a small but fixable problem between you monitors and graphics card.
  4. Thanks for you replies.

    Something I should have mentioned is I'm using an old analogue VGA CRT monitor (I don't have a DVI input monitor) so it occurred to me the drivers may not work with VGA - maybe the DACs are switched off to save power or something. This seems very unlikely, but I thought I'd say it.

    Newf: My version of XP INCLUDES service pack two on disc, with no other updates - straight off the CD. (Windows confirms this: Control Panel - Help - About Windows). No updates applied after. I'm not able to get updates through the Microsoft web site. I will sort this out if this is the issue. Perhaps lack of updates is my problem, but a new XP would mean expense that I would like to avoid.

    nvalhalla: On trying to un-install the 3850 drivers and then re-install, I have seen the message "Zero display service error". Googling this (625 responses) suggests it's not an unknown problem when trying to re-istall after an un-install - particularly after using Invidia cards/drivers (which I haven't). The simplest and most reliable way around the problem is to start afresh with reformating and putting XP on my C drive again. This takes a couple of hours so I want to have good reason to do it each time! And I haven't taken enough notes to determine exactly under what cercumstances this happens.

    I have tried the drivers on the CD ROM that came with the card, choosing XP/XP64 and "express install". As you may know, this installs Hydravision, HDMI Audio driver, ".NET 2.0", DirectX, ATI AVivo, Catalyst Control Centre, ATI Parental control, Problem Report Wizard.

    I have tried custom install (just driver + DirectX). This shows the same problem.

    I have tried 8-6_xp32_dd_64783.exe (just display driver) and 8-6_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_64783.exe (the whole suite). I think these files are available from various web sites. I haven't tried an earlier release. Perhaps I should...

    All I have tried have the same effect.

    I have not yet tried older driver versions.

    techgeek: When I experience the problem the screen (Iiyama vision Master Pro 454, a good CRT monitor in its day) does not just go black, it swithes OFF (enters stand-by mode - I hear it click, the little green light goes orange), implying there is no video output from the graphics card - or perhaps, as you suggest, my monitor can't "understand" the graphics card output (but this seems unlikely, I think). This is the same as when the PC is switched off. I have given it about 10 minutes in this state, with no change. The PC still appears to be on - fans running, network socket light still on. I have discovered I can re-start windows using the keyboard (Windows-key, U, R), so this makes me feel it's just the graphics card output that stops. I have tried setting a low resolution (800 x 600) but changes are ignored in Safe Mode. There is no option to set the screen refresh rate in Safe Mode or Normal Mode. And I've tried setting "Hardware acceleration" to none. And tried un-ticking "Enable write combining" (Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - Troubleshoot).

    It did occur to me that there might be some interrupt issue causing my problem, but this too seems unlikely. I have only the graphics card plugged in, one SATA hard disc drive, one PATA DVD drive.


    Since writing this and re-reading I have new information: Since I can use windows when the monitor turns off I can do more. I just need to know the keys to press... So I have done a screen grab and saved this for viewing later in Safe Mode. The screen grab tells me nothing! Just an empty screen with wall-paper, task bar, dynamic energy saver screen and a bubble telling me antivirus might not be installed (no suprise). Just as I would expect to show on the monitor. No unexpected errors or warnings.


    My current view is that this is either an XP update related issue or a Motherboard or graphics card hardware issue.

    Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Well if it works in Safe Mode and up until you install the drivers, it's got to be something to do with the resolution or frequency that the card is driving your monitor at. What is the maximum res that your monitor supports? What is the maximum frequency (vertical)? It only seems to happen after the resolution switch (going from the loading Windows screen to the login screen). I was trying to find some information on the Hotkeys, one would think that you could use hotkeys to change the screen resolution, even if you can't see what's on the monitor. Do you have access to another monitor (could borrow from someone)? This could help troubleshoot the problem. At least it would tell you if the card is faulty or it just doesn't like your monitor.
  6. Hi techgeek,

    Thanks for sticking with me on this.

    My monitor is a Iiyama vision Master Pro 454 HM903DTB. "up to 119-Hz refresh rate at 1280 by 1024 resolution" says
    The label on the monitor says max resolution 1920x1440, no mention of frequency. Certainly it seems to cope with everything I have thrown at it. Iiyama web site simply says "This product is either discontinued or not available".

    I've tried another monitor too. The same sort of story, but more: With out of range resolution it shows a box saying this clearly. When I boot to Normal XP Windows with drivers it shows the same box, but says "no signal".

    My next plan is to get hold of a copy of XP that I can update properly...

  7. You might have mentioned this before, but have you tried your monitor plugged into both outputs (DVI) connectors?
  8. Hi techgeek,

    A very good question. No. I will try this. Work and other stuff will drag me away from my PC for a couple of days, but I will get back and let you know what happens...

  9. Hi all,

    More news: techgeek, I have tried plugging the monitor into the other DVI connector and as far as I can tell it never gives an output - which, I guess, is reasonable under the circumstances where I haven't asked for it. But a good suggestion that had not occurred to me.

    And yet more news... Not solved my problem, but more news... What I have now is a brand new install of XP Home. Then I install the motherboard drivers from the disc supplied with the motherboard. I followed this by Microsoft activation and updates including DirectX 9.0C (I can see this using Start > Run > dxdiag), and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 -AND- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (I can see both of these from Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Finally I used 8-6_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_64783.exe to install the ATI drivers, selecting only the drivers. Re-boots at every major step. During this whole process I did not change the screen resolution from the default 600x800.

    As before, in this configuration when running XP normally the screen switches off soon after the green boot-up progress bar dissappears. Waiting at this point for several minutes doesn't doesn't help. Again, I can enter XP Safe Mode and remove the ATI drivers and all is back to normal.

    Any more ideas??? Is all this pointing to a fault with the hardware? - On the graphics card?

    I'm starting to wonder if this thread should be on the Tom's Hardware ATI forum. Perhaps I should request a move.

    Kind regards, Rich1.
  10. hi guys... i know this thread is old... but am having the same problem as waz... i got an ati hd 3850 pci-E. my motherboard is a gigabyte ep45-ds3l. my monitor is an old compaq mv520. i have exactly the same problem... anybody got the solution for this ?
  11. I ran into similar problems using MSI 4670 Video Card with CRT monitors. The monitors had dual VGA inputs and I was using the second (B) inputs for this computer. In a nutshell it would not enumerate correctly and resulted in a blank screen. When I moved the connections to the (A) input all was well. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere when I was searching for answers thus the post.

    Bob Owens
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