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Oki guys here it comes. my specs you can look it up in my profile. The only thing that I will add is that I am using Windows XP Pro. I been trying to upgrade to 4GB ram for some time now. first by simply getting two additional stick but no way Jose I put them in and my sistem once turned on the screen was blank. Oki I knew there is a power issue the ram was rated at 2.2v (recomended when runing 4GB) my board could only go to 1.95. So i got another set 2x2G Gskil well they rated at 1.8-1.9V guess what same story!!!! boots allright with one stick but no way with two. So with both combination of sticks different brand and different ratings no matter what I do I can't go up to 4GB!!! both brands boot fine when using only 2GB weather is combination of 2x1 or 1x2 So quick question what the hell is going on? Is there is something that I could have done? Yeah I tried to increase and decrease V but no go. I did reset my CMOS few times but no no way!!!. So any advice? Please I want 4GB thanks for your help. And yeah if any one wonders is only screen staying blank everything else is workin and if I keep it at 2gb with either one combination everything works fine. Thanks for your help.
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  1. With the gskill 4GB installed, are you able to go into the bios?
    If your are, set the bios to defualt or failsafe, and then reboot and go back into the bios and increase the ram voltage to it's maximum.
    Then see if you can boot to your OS.
    If not, you might need a new motherboard that will allow a higher voltage setting to the ram.
    I don't think setting the timings for the ram to the JEDEC standard of 5,5,5,18 at DDR2 5700 will help. But who knows it might.
  2. No, with 4GB installed I am not able to enter bios at least I wouldn't know because once I install 4GB there is no output coming out of my vide card. I am able to go into bios only if I install 2GB.
  3. No takers? Any one using this board beeing able to run 4gb of ram? thanks.
  4. OK try this, 2GB set bios to defualt and ran voltage to max, turn off, put other ram stick in boot.
  5. tried that when I had the problem butting originally still nothing once I pop the second stick screens will go blank :( **** I hate this mother board I start to hate Asus.
  6. Oki guys you won't belive what was the solution to the problem. Bios and no my bios is up to date and that was the problem I had to flash the new one and use the older one why? Because the new one dose not work with 4GB of ram!!!! Don't you guys think that this is bull!!!! Asus slowly really starts to tick me off. But yeah now I am runing on 4GB of ram finaly it took me only 2 months to figure it out. Well I didn't figure it out some Ucrainien guy did. Thanks good I was able to find his post. He used the older Bios first and than when flushing it out to a new one he run into that problem. So thanks to him I found my solution :) now 4GB of ram finaly!!!! THANKS GUYS FOR YOUR HELP.
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