IDE HDD not being detected. Can It be hot plugged?

Hi, I have an old Seagate IDE HD that after a PSU failure stopped being detected. After troubleshooting I found that "sometimes" it gets detected by bios ONLY while being configured as SLAVE, but most of the times it does not get detected at all.
I got another HDD and installed windows with no problems, so it's not the cable or the motherboard.

The drive model is Seagate Barracuda ATA IV ST340016A

I was wondering what would happen if I start the computer with only the power cable connected to this faulty driveand then I plug the ATA cable while in windows?

Maybe you may have some other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone knows?
  2. IDE is not hot plugable.
    More than likely the drive was damaged when the PSU went. :sweat: :cry:
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