CPU still running hot after replacing heatsink!

i previously posted in this thread regarding my CPU temp


Hey guys, as you can see in the previous thread I was having a problem with how hot my CPU is running

I replaced the heatsink with a coolermaster hyper tx2 and my computer is still running at 55c while browsing the web and after only 4 minutes of playing oblivion it hit 61c, its an improvement on before where 3 minutes of oblivion would cause shutdown and it was idling at 60 but its still insanely high...
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  1. RiposoEterno has your case got air flow through it.how many fans in it.I've got same heatsink and fan you have but it's the first one they built.my cpu in bios say 29c when I check it and 36 to 40 full load.
  2. Are you certain you have applied the thermal paste correctly and have a lot of pressure in the heatsink/CPU ?

    What tool are you using to check the temps?
  3. i've got a 120mm on the back and a 80mm intake fan on the front and another exhaust fan on the side panel
  4. my motherboard temp is about 39
  5. I just downloaded core temp, i'm using Asus PC Probe and Speedfan to check the temps

    according to core temp, with my CPU at 59 (asus and speedfan), core 0 & 1 are at 75c
  6. Riposo your fan config is wrong.the back fan should exhaust and front and side panel should be intake no matter what.

    and even you change the config your temp is still problematic.i think you should take you mobo out and push all the pins in and check again.because when install in the case you will be so lucky have all the pins pushed in.dont try to do it over and over again in the case.it will just be waste of time and at the end when you take it out you regrat you should have took it out before.
  7. the back fan is an exhaust, i'll fix the side panel one but I only just put the side panel one on anyways, previously there was a hood there for the stock heatsink fan

    I made sure all the pins are pushed in and turned, its tight as it gets and isn't wobbling at all
  8. instructions for thermal paste application
    Make sure you dont have too much.. or too little.
  9. I went to the coolermaster web site and found no info on the units cooling ability.

    The Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pros cooling ability is listed as
    Thermal Resistance 0.17°C/Watt


    It's about the same price as the hyper and is known to cool well. When info regarding the cooling efficiency of a product is not given on the web page of the cooler, I take it off my buy list. That is unless a site like HardOCP has reviewed it and given the info in the review.

    I have found that Arctic Cooling makes an excellent affordable product.
    I run 5 systems and they all have Arctic cooling inside.

    Also what is the ambient temp there the computer is located?
    Your e6400 should not be so hot, even on the stock cooler.
  10. the room temperature right now is 21c
  11. bobbknight said:

    Also what is the ambient temp there the computer is located?
    Your e6400 should not be so hot, even on the stock cooler.

    I agree... the answer is one of these 4:

    1) there is not enought pressure between CPU/Heatsink
    2) Too much/little thermal paste
    3) MB is dead.
    4) CPU is dead.
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