Speedfan high CPU Temp, ok core temps

Asus P5Q SE P45
Intel E7300
4Gb OCZ Platinum DDR2 800Mhz RAM
Artic 7 Freezer Pro
Coolermaster 330 case with 120mm intake and 80mm intake on side. 120mm exhaust.

I've got my e7300 running @ 3Ghz (300 x10) and everything was dandy. Bumped the processor up to 320 x10 and windows booted up just fine. Checked speed fan its showing my idle temps at around 35 and at load at around 55. ~2.0v.

Problem is its showing my CPU temp at 118! Is this right or has it just not been calibrated right? It seemed to be ok before at 3Ghz. Im new to OCing so am a bit worried!
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  1. Hi,
    I dont think theres anything to worry about. Speedfan gives very weird temperature readings on my p5qpro, while CoreTemp and Hardware Monitor are always within few degrees from each other. Also, speedfan reports my +12v as 10.46v, while all other tools Ive tried always give value over 12. Just use CoreTemp for comparison
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