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Advice on best multi drive set up

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July 20, 2009 4:48:13 PM

All right, I kinda think I know where to go with this, but I wanted to get some thoughts...

Basically I am getting ready for Win7 and I plan to set up my system for optimal speed. Which of the following setups would be best (figuring IN performance versus ease of setup versus price)

Currently I have a 500gb Caviar Black and a 1tb Caviar black.

1: I can leave as is, OS and programs on the 500 and most storage on the 1tb

2: Purchase 2 7200 rpm drives small (150-250gb) and use raid 0, and place the OS and programs onto those, and use the 1tb and the 500gb for storage

3: Purchase a small raptor for the OS and programs, and use the 1tb and 500gb for storage.

4: Some other recommended 4th option (a cheap SSD? I don't know a lot about the installation or the tweaking, also the price may not be worth it, but any advice.

Would it be even better to use a small fast drive for the OS, the 500gb for programs and the 1tb for storage?

BIG thanks in advance for any help!

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July 20, 2009 4:54:36 PM

Personally, I would get an SSD if you can swing it. The new Intel models should be out this week, and are expected to be slightly cheaper than their predecessors.

If you don't want to spend that much, I personally wouldn't spend anything and would just put your OS/apps on your 1TB Black, that will be slightly faster than putting it on the 500GB.