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i'm trying to OC E7300 to 3Ghz, i'm using FSB 333mhz with 9.0 multiplier. i've used 1.15 core volt, but i ended with unstability which caused random windows restart.

now i'm using 1.2 volt, n so far stable no restart at the moment. i've been running Prime95 now to test this, but i'm still willing to know whats the best core voltage for my OC.
many thanks
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  1. when I run Prime 95, i checked the cpu usage n showed that core#0 always above 95%, while core#1 showed ~85%. is this normal when 2 core tested at the same time but the usage is different?
  2. I don't know, mokuj1m, but I don't think E7300's don't go well with stock voltage at 333MHz FSB. What I did with mine is I didn't change the multiplier and left Speedstep enabled, set FSB to 320MHz. My rig runs stable even at default voltage. And oh, don't forget to disable the Enhanced Halt State for this can make your system unstable with the overclock.
  3. did u use Prime test to check ur system stability? mine is at multiplier 9.0 with FSB 333mhz with 1.20 core volt, this the E7300's defaulf core voltage right?

    so far its stable, still running Prime test btw. i'm gonna run it at least for 12 hours to make sure it's stable.
  4. Yes, it ran stable with the latest release of Prime95. In fact, it has been running Crysis and Call of Duty. My system is on almost 7 days a week. I did not set my multiplier to a fixed value enabling it to run with SpeedStep and saves me some money from the electricity bill.

    1.20V is default voltage. The CPU specified voltage is about 0.85-1.3V though so I think voltages within the range are stock/default.
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