Router + Switch = internet?

Ok I'm building a network in my new home. My old network was 6 computers on a 4 port router and a hub at one end to get the other computer on the network.

What I got now is (since I built the home I could do anything) I have 14 network connections. I have a 4 port router, can I simply add a switch and plug the router into the switch to supply internet to everything on the switch? 16 port routers are not cheap, 16 port switches can be..

basically I'm asking can you plug a router into a switch and supply the entire switch and all computers on it internet access?

DSL Modem -> 4 port router -> switch -> 14 computers with internet access

this is how I imagine it'll work.. problem is I have to imagine because I don't know..LOL

sorry for what may be a dumb question I'm just no network guru...

thanks in advance..
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  1. Yes.

  2. yes, of course. You have to plug the "uplink" port of your switch to one of the LAN port of your router using a standard rj45 straight cable. And then, plug all computers on the switch.
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