GPU Memory bus reading at 200hz, should be 400hz

I have an aging GeForce 6200 256mb from EVGA. I've had it for a long time, but have recently noticed serious, wide-spread slowdowns, so while I was checking around for causes I saw that nVidia's nTune MonitorView program said that the GPU memory bus speed was 200hz, while the nVidia Control Panel's performance section says that the card should have 400hz. I'm using factory settings.

I've been told that this could be due to double pumping, but I'm afraid I don't have enough of a hardware background to know if that's the case or not. Is this a problem?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Its fine. DDR is Double Data Rate, so you just multiply it by two to get 400mhz effective. My 8800GT is at 1021mhz, 2042 effective. Its quite normal, so dont fret.
  2. The slowdowns are probably caused by something else, like viruses.
  3. The problem is you need to upgrade, that card is quite old.
  4. Double Data Rate
  5. Thanks for the help.

    No, the problem isn't my need to upgrade, since I'm having issues with old games (Farcry, Counter-Strike: Source, etc.) that used to run fine and now aren't. I've run a virus scan, with absolutely no results. I'm considering a complete reformat and reinstall. Well, that was all just an aside, and my real question has been answered.

    Again, thanks.
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