Repairing file system errors on RAID 0?

I've got an XP laptop with 2 drives configured as RAID 0. I'm getting a BSOD, caused by a specific driver file loading at Windows startup. If I delete the file or disable the service that loads it, no BSOD.

When this happens to a "normal" single-drive, non-RAID system, I can almost always fix it by repairing any file system errors and/or bad sectors. If I run Chkdsk on this drive (array), it does indicate that there are file system errors. However, Windows won't allow me to run Chkdsk /f or /r.

Actually, I've read that running Chkdsk /f or /r on a RAID will really screw things up. So it's probably a good thing that Windows won't allow me to do it.

In any case, how can I fix the NTFS file system errors on this system? Any advice or info will be much appreciated.

btw, as you can probably tell, I don't know much about RAIDs. ;-)

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  1. Can't you just reinstall the driver in question, since you problem's cause is apparently only limited to it? If you reinstall the driver, Windows will make sure to place it in an error-free portion.
  2. Thanks, r_manic.

    Yes, I've tried manually deleting the offending file and then uninstalling/re-installing the software. The BSOD always comes back. It's part of Kaspersky Anti-Virus; a file called "kl1.sys".

    I'm starting to think that it may not be related to a file system error or bad sector after all. Googling "kl1.sys" and "BSOD" yields a lotta hits - but no real solutions. I'm gonna try a few things and I'll post my results here.

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