What is my CPU temp?

Alright, I have an AMD 5000+ BE and before I OC, I want to figure out what my load/idle temps are at stock. For this I downloaded OCCT, SpeedFan, and CoreTemp; the temps don't match, and none of them seem right.

For starters, each program shows a 12 (at 100% CPU) to 19 (at idle) deg C difference between core 1 and core 2. On top of that, SpeedFan doesn't agree with either of the other two, and core 2 keeps oscillating 10-15 degrees.

So: is something wrong with my processor? If not, what are my temps?
        At idle    |   At 100%
Prog  Core1  Core2 | Core1 Core2
OCCT    1      19  |  27      39
CTmp    1      18  |  27      39
SpdF    2      24  |  27      51
SpdF   19      24  |  37      51

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ BE
Biostar TA 770+
Xigmatek HDT-D1264

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  1. im sure you bios will be able to tell u idle temps, check that then compare with all the listed programs. whichever one is the closet will be your golden egg.
  2. The bios only has one temp for the CPU: 35. Unfortunately if there's a way to find out the temp on the other core, I don't know how to do it.
  3. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Well since OCCT and coretemp are the same, they're probably right. But all of those are very low, very good cooler.
  5. Well I'm cooling on air and it's a little warm in here, so I doubt my CPU is actually at the freezing point of water :)
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  7. jazzman831 said:
    Well I'm cooling on air and it's a little warm in here, so I doubt my CPU is actually at the freezing point of water :)

    whoops! Missed the first core temp! Maybe if you update your bios the temps will be corrected or use other temp monitoring apps. My favourite: www.lavalys.com
  8. First of all, thanks Wisecracker for the bump :)

    I downloaded Everest, and at first it seemed to agree with my mobo, however the temperature never updated and stayed at 27, even after playing a game or stressing with Prime95.

    I've done some research and it seems that some Brisbane cores have messed up temp sensors, which would entirely explain my problem. Unfortunately, I don't know what range for me is safe. I cranked up the multiplier to x15 (3.0Ghz) and have no problem playing Assassin's Creed @ full max settings (SpeedFan says it's about 20 degrees above idle, which should translate to 50 or so). I'm afraid to stress it for too long with Prime95, but under any normal usage I should be ok.

    Oh well, thanks for the help guys.
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