Best Os for a dell mini 9 with drivers built in?

Someone told me ubuntu has the drivers built in. I just need wifi and sound. So far i have tried xp. If someone could show me a list of the necessary drivers to install for xp i will revert to that. (i saw one list but it was long and i wasnt sure which ones were necessary). I tried linux mint and that didnt have drivers built in. I was hoping for a light port of ubuntu that still had the drivers built in or to get xp working. ANy help is apprecieated. THanks. :pt1cable:
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  1. If you look at Dell's site, the mini 9 came with either XP or Ubuntu.
    What did you do with the OS on the system? It should work fine with either OS.
  2. When i got it the hdd was full and was having a bsod due to this. So i just did a clean install.
  3. If you did a clean install without using the restore partition or disk, just download the drivers from Dell's site.
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