Mobo, CPU, Mem, HD and PSU for less than $500???

Hello friends,

An old desktop computer of mine was recently zapped by a lightning strike through the ethernet port. Amazingly it still runs, albeit barely. I purchased a new complete PC to replace it. Now this 6 year old computer is collecting dust. I would like to salvage some parts if possible and get it back to a good working order as a secondary PC. Here's a list of parts that are functioning normally:

Thermaltake 5 fan case
JustforPCs 400 Watt PSU
Pioneer DVD player
ATI X850 Video card (this was upgraded from a 9700pro)
Creative Audigy sound card

The MOBO has some burned capacitors and all but the agp and one pci slot are shot. Hard Drive is making some audible clicking noises. The mem is having massive amounts of errors. CD burner doesn't even power up. I could upgrade the PSU if neccesary. I've been all over newegg attempting to price mobo combos and/or every part individually. I'm just too out of date to know the best deals and decent setups. I've tried reading many other threads but most are over my budget. I might be able to manage $600, but I'm a college student and we tend to be poor.


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  1. Much obliged. I will compare those with what I need and what I've looked at already.
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