PCI E Compatible: 6 pin?

I was thinking about buying this 8800 GT but then I noticed it has a
6pin PCI-E Power Connection

I have a 7600 GT for my PCI E slot and didnt need a special power connector for it, just slide it in the slot and good to go.

Now I wanna upgrade to something like this 8800 GT but I am not sure I can, do I need a special power connection for it?


Here is the Power supply / tower I have now:

And just in case, here is the MOBO:

Thanks so much for all your help
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  1. ok simply will this card work? i have a pci e slot, but i dont know if i need a special power line for it or what.

    anyone have a clue?
  2. You need to have the 6 pin connector from you PSU to connect to this and many other higher-powered GPUs.

    If your PSU doesn't have one of these connectors, you're out of luck. The power provided through the motherboard isn't enough to use one.

    You can get a pretty quality PSU with for a decent price if you look around and don't mind dealing with rebates.

    Sorry man. Good luck if you do want to get one and get a PSU too.
  3. take a look in the case to see if you have one of these hanging around

    if not, you could get something like this to get around that problem
  4. Kari said:

    if not, you could get something like this to get around that problem

    it looks like it might actually come with one of those in the package:

    is that the same type of thing there?

    i did link my power supply and mobo, but when i look at the specs on newegg i cant seem to find anything concerning this, is there a way to tell from the specs there if i have 1 ?
  5. yeah, looks like you should already have the adapter cable then. And I looked through the specs of your case/psu over at newegg but it didn't really tell that much about the psu connectors...
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