Diskette drive 0 seek failure?

I have a Dell c521.. and i am getting Diskette drive 0 seek failure.
I had 2 partition and i wanted to change the space on one of the partition.. i used the software Paragon Partition Manager 10 to change the partition size but during it was changing it my computer shut down and since then i am getting the Diskette drive 0 seek failure error and when i press f2 to continue, i get "interrupted operation: insert the recovery CD or other recovery media and reboot your pc..." anyone knows how i can fix this?
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  1. Tap the delete key repeatedly on startup. This should get you into the BIOS. Disable your floppy drive, and make sure the first boot device is your hard drive. Save your changes and exit the BIOS.
  2. Does it say "diskette" or "disk" failure?

    You can try to do a recovery by booting off an XP CD and doing a Repair of windows, howerver I think you will end up needing to reformat your drive and re-install windows. Having the power go out during a partition change is not a good thing, you drive was left in a state where it does not know where any of the date is right now.

    You can check the support for the software you were using to see what can be done.
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