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I just got my system together and downloaded Real Temp and am noticing an issue. When I checked the bios on powerup it and had the following temps:

Board 30C

I started Real Temp and is showed 26C and 36C for my 2 cores which didn't make sense. I rebooted to check the bios again and got the following readings:

Board 39C

When I started Real Temp up again it still shows 26C and 36C. So is there something I am doing wrong or does Real Temp not work?

I have an EVGA 780i board. I haven't updated the bios. The bios shows Release Number 7B1N1P03 and Bios Version 2.053.B2. I am using Vista 64-bit with an E8400.

Also are these temps pretty normal for just idling that I am getting from the bios?
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  1. Try CoreTemp.
  2. You have to calibrate RealTemp for its to be accurate. I think the programmer posted it in a forum. It's quite long. My setting was 2 notches left in both rows.

    RealTemp isn't for everyday use. It's just for overclocking & monitoring temps. Once you're done overclocking, you use CoreTemp or Speedfan.
  3. I tried CoreTemp and it is reading 36C and 46C, basically 10C higher then Real Temp. But I don't see it changing. Just like Real Temp the temperature never changes. Do I just have something setup wrong that it isn't updating? Core Temp shows the load on the Core changing, but never any temperature change. I can reboot and see in bios thou that the temp has changed. I am not sure if there is something wrong in my setup or if the E8400 sensors aren't working. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
  4. I don't know what you mean by not changing. It changes for me. Whenever the pc has load, the temp goes up. Google "orthos x2" and run a blend test.

    BTW, if you're running multiple temp programs at the same time, don't. They might conflict.
  5. Get a third opinion. Try the latest speedfan 4.34:

    I'm using the e8400 with vista 64. With Prime95 I get core temps 47-50 @3.6ghz.
  6. I think my issue is that my E8400 has the stuck sensor issue that I see alot of the 45nm cpus have. The sensor for core 2 never changes or hasn't yet anyway and the one for core 1 started changing once I got to around 30C it seems. Then it seemed to work fine using both Real Temp or Core Temp.
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