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I pressed "set Defaults" in BIOS (my Bad) and my computer wont start. gives me a 0 diskette messag on a black screen. How can I find out my factory default settings and set them them correctly... Is the OS system a SATA WDC etc.... number
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  1. Does the message also say "Press F1 to continue"? If so, press it and see what happens next. The reference to SATA WDC etc means te hard disk is a Serial ATA disk manufactured by Western Digital Corporation. The OS system is either Windows XP, Vista or 7. Go back into BIOS and tell it you don't have a diskette (floppy drive) and that will kill the message.

    Look for Boot Sequence or Boot Options and change the list so that the WDC entry is top. Save the change then exit and it should start properly.

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