Will I gain performance with AM2+ over AM2 with this system?


Would I gain any performance with purchasing a AM2+ board over a AM2 with:

AMD 64 X2 6000+
2 GB DDR2 800

TIA - Matt
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  1. 0. Unless you pair an AM2+ board with an AM2+ cpu. i.e. Phenom vs X2.
  2. I'm running a 9850 with a ASUS M2N-32 SLI Deluxe and its just an AM2 board. Unity311 is running an AM2 cpu and getting an Am2+ board wouldn't help him but would getting a new mobo for my system give me a performance boost?

    I'm sorry if i should create my own post but unity asked a good question.
  3. The AM2 boards can't take advantage of the new HyperTransport 3.0. Only up to 2.0. AM2+ cpu on AM2+ board will have 3.0. However, the bandwidth gain won't be noticeable to the average use like Internet. Benchmarking may show the difference. It all depends on the task. If it's super pi mode, then a faster cpu & ram will make a difference. If it's gaming, a faster gpu will be a better investment. Is a little boost worth 2 hundred bucks? It's up to you to decide.


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