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Need some help - audio editors build

Last response: in Systems
May 3, 2008 8:14:53 PM

I'm building this system for a professional audio editor. His requirements are very specific.

-He'll be using Sonar 5 for now, 7 when he gets it.
-64 bit vista is probably the way he'll go.
-All projects will be stored on external hard disks he already has, so the disk space the unit needs is minimal.
-must be silent
-needs dual displays, resolution doesn't really matter. would like 19", must be 4:3 aspect
-will do video editing in the future
-would like 8GB of ram, but 4 is okay if price demands
-must be done for $800-900
-must use intel processor
-optical drives unnecessary

This is the rig I've got cooked up.

CPU: Intel q6600

RAM: 2x2x2GB G.Skill (yep, 8GB for those of you who can't multiply)

GPU: Radeon 3850
can be cheap, doesn't matter a lot, dual display required.

MB: Gigabyte ds3l
overclocking a possibility in the future when the power is needed

PSU: OCZ 700w
has a good rebate

HDD: 200gb wd sata II

Chassis: centurion from cooler master

CPU cooler: the 9700
he wants it. he doesn't like stock coolers.

Monitors: hansg dual 19" 1280x1024

This adds to $1208. Little high, but I'm going to talk to him to make his price cap go higher.

Possible cuts:
the 8GB of ram to 4GB
Cheaper GPU
Smaller, cheaper PSU? (no lower than tier 2?)

Anyone got any ideas for those cuts? Or maybe different parts all together?

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