Any cheat or good experience to cool my system ?case?with fans

i wanna know how to find a way to make my system more cooler it is 50 in idle because i have 4 hard drive VGA 9800 so hot cpu q6600
and ....
so is there any good way to cool my system with fan like is any good experience about using fan
i dont have limit for fan.
u can show me pic if u have too thanks
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  1. What cpu heatsink are you using?
    What pc case do you have?
  2. We really need your FULL system specs. Especially the case you have.

    As for myself I dropped this baby in to my computer and it cooled the internal temps by about 12 degrees F.

    It will also hold 4 hard drives and at $21 it is pretty cheap. This device takes up 3 full 5.25" bays so be sure you have the space for it.

    This is not the best picture but this is what it looks like in my Cooler Master Centurion 534 case:
  3. I would recomend telling us your case and fan setup inside it, and pictures of the case may help. Good pictures, good enough that we can tell you if you have crappy cable management and if the vent holes are blocked by something, etc. In fact it may make it easier to just put a LITTLE arrow in the pic to tell us which way the fan is blowing. (time to time we get someone who think intake fans are the only way fans should work and other times we get someone who does the opposite)
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