XFX X58i + i7 920 overclock issue

I am running an Intel i7 920 through a XFX X58i motherboard. I am using a large cpu fan, so I would like to overclock to at least 3ghz. I went into the bios and was able to alter the QPI bus and the Ram speed.

I set the RAM speed to force 1333mhz (that is my ram's supported speed)
I then set the QPI from 133 to 166. When I changed the QPI I lost all video after exiting the BIOs. I reset using the CMOS reset button on the back of the motherboard (restoring bios to default) which restored my video.

My question is, what have I been doing wrong? Why would changing the QPI force me to loose video? What is the best way of overclocking the CPU using my current hardware?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Because the board stalls.. thats why the video cuts..it doesnt boot the way it suppose to. I have the exact same board with the same issues as you and the second i touch the QPI Ref Clock the board wont boot nomatter how much volt it gets. Second forcing the memory to run at 1333 doesnt work..the function is broken and no matter what you'll do to make it work it always ends up with 1066mhz.

    Been talking to XFX support for a month now and the support is extremely poor. One guy says that they dont advice to OC through bios but software only and that i had to download some nforce software(wtf? its an intel chip you idiot). Another guy stated that the board was without flaws at all and that there will be no bios updates at all and a third guy said a new bios update was in the making to be released soon( that was 2 weeks ago).

    So my advice is to buy a new board if you can afford it and for new people stay clear of this XFX product atleast until some update is made available.

    Found some forum post and reviews of the XFX X58i board claiming that they have overclocked on it after a bios flash but no word on what bios or where it could be found.
  2. That's what I thought. I just ordered an Asus p6t deluxe. Thanks for your help.
  3. XFX have released a new bios update version 1.1 for this XFX X58i board. Problem was my mobo died on it. Well the board itself is fine but bios corrupted even though i follow the instructions to the letter. Tried booting on the backup bios to reflash my main bios.. but guess what ..the idiots at xfx apparently didnt design it like that so when you flash during backup bios its the backup bios that gets flashed and not the main bios and yet again it corrupted. What a freaking nightmare.

    Only help for this board is a factory flash of the bios directly and that calls for an RMA
  4. Right here goes......firstly, never let the bios control core & mem voltages ie in Auto. Set them manually. Knock down the QPI setting to lowest possible and don't overdo the speed on the memory. Keep it default. AS for voltages...I have set my i7 to 1.28V & DRAM
    to 1.3V...running rock solid at 3.2Ghz. I have an Antec 900 case + Akasa Nero HSF...no issues. I did have stability issues at 3.9Ghz.

    There is a link below to a quick guide to oc'ing the i7 which takes into account or more in depth of the above. Good luck!

  5. Unfortunately I would say it's the motherboard. IMO XFX doesn't have a great rep with overclockable motherboards, I can't speak for their graphics, but my 780i has had issues and I've finally gotten my E8400 to 4.05Ghz, but it took 1.395 Vcore and 2.05V memory and everything else on it up pretty high in voltages, but it's finally stable...
  6. Thank you for the advice but its in vain here.. the board is failing to overclock because there is no real overclock settings there.. you can only touch the QPI Ref CLock and even if you do so by as much as 3 or more in my case the mobo stalls nomatter how much volt it gets..ive already overclocked my friends Core i7 to 4,1ghz stable.

    Besides every memory setting there is which is 1 doesnt work at all.. greeeeaaaat
  7. Ok, I am extremely confused... you say they released a BIOS update, but I cant find the darn thing anywhere... would you be kind enough to post the link to the new BIOS? I am going nuts here with this mobo and it not posting with my 6gb of memory, and an RMA is not an option for me because I took the board back to Venezuela with me... THANKS for your quick reply
  8. well what i did was to go to xfxforce.com and log into support there..you will need to register for one and also
    register your product before anything becomes available. But i will have to warn you.. my board died when i
    flashed it even though i followed the instructions to the letter. Remember to place your ram from the right to
    the left with one empty socket between each ram block.
  9. Hey bud, thanks for the reply... well heres the thing... I went to the XFX north america site, registered my mobo, went into support, support files, and all it finds are 3 stupid guides about setting raid config, cpu cooling and building a system... so am I missing something... the product shows as registered... thanks for your prompt reply.
  10. Well i can see myself now that they have taken the bios down. Guess my board wasnt the only one
    that died cause of it. :(
  11. Well, I got my hand on that BIOS (XFX sent it to me by e.mail, weird that its not on their site) but now im reluctant to update cause I've read from a bunch of people who screwed up their board with the bios update... and im generally as lucky as can be...
  12. Updated Bios, it worked, to my amazement, but the memory problem continues... XFX support are dumbfounded at the problem... which I AM sure is a bios problem... also, any help in successfully OC'ing this board would be appreciated... I cant even move any settings in BIOS, the board stalls...
  13. i run my i7 on xfx x58i at 3.30 ghz without any problems..msn or mail : federico.delfino@hotmail.com
    i would be pleased to helpo online other users with this horrendous motherboard :D.
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