Rate my Build Please.

Intel Quad 9300
750i mobo
Cooler Master Stacker 830/1000w power supply
Zalman 9700 cpu cooler
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB
Evga Akimbo 8800gt (2)
Built for gaming,not sure which harddrive to get or monitor.If anyone has any advice or comments.Much appreciated.
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  1. With that case, and that PSU you'll go through HELL managing the cables. I suggest trying to find a case that has cable management thought put into. A good example is the Antec p182 case. I personally built my computer in this case, and i tell you it's a dream to work in.

    And get a modular PSU, again helps with cable management. I recommend any of the modular Silverstone PSUs.

    Processor choice is good. However if you don't EVER plan on OCing your' better off with a higher clocked Dual Core. Namely the 8400 or 8500.
    Cooler and RAM are good choices.

    Motherboard is good, BUT it'll likely give you trouble if you plan on OCing.

    A good cheap Hardrive is the WD Caviar. I've had no trouble with the 320gb version, and it's got plenty of room. This 500gb is probably the best deal though. The 320gb version is only $10 cheaper.

    As for the Graphics cards, i'd go for the g92 8800gts. It runs MUCH cooler then the GT and is a better performer. And for a teensie bit more money.

    For a monitor, well that would depend on your budget :)

    Pic of an Antec P182 after cables have been managed. Everything is easily routed BEHIND the motherboard TRAY. Not to be mistaken with routing behind the motherboard itself.
  2. Thanks for the advice,my budget right now is about $2200,so thinking about upgradeing to the 9800gtx depending on how hot they run and getting a 10.000 harddrive.(worth it)?
  3. A fast Hard drive improves load times, that's about it. So in my opinion it's no worth it.

    And neither is the 9800gtx. The 8800gts 512 is a lot cheaper and performs very close to it, and beats in it some tests. If you want a high end card, your better of with the 9800gx2. OR waiting the new ATI boards are out in a few weeks. and maybe they'll be in your price range.
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