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How do i bypass a windows vista password

You won't get any help with bypassing security here.
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  1. How do I bypass a windows vista administrator password that my granddaughter put on this computer about 5 years ago. Hoe do I get on the Internet to do these things?
  2. Unfortunately you'll need to go elsewhere to get help -- It is against the forum rules to provide any info on bypassing passwords (since there is no way to ensure that you are actually the owner of the system and not just trying to get into it and the owners of this forum would rather err on the safe side and just not allow it to be discussed under any circumstances.)

    The only things we can suggest is :

    1.) use the password Hint that you setup to help remember the password
    2.) Use the password recovery disc that you made when entering the password in order to reset the password
    3.) If you do not have 1 &2 or they do not help --- reformat the system and reinstall your programs and OS from the disks or using the recovery disk\partition that came with the system (if unsure how to do this contact the laptop manufacturer)
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