What do you think of liquid cooling for computer components?

I'm thinking of buying a cube PC case, MATX, and I think that the case might get too hot even with a fan at the front & the back without at least a liquid cooler for the CPU.

I'm also thinking of keeping this long term and with the PC on all day and night.
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  1. Hi, uh I would suggest that you not buy a cube MATX case. Why? Because like you said: you don't think the available fans/fan slots are enough to cool the PC adequately and you're probably right.

    So I would also suggest that you buy a case that has at least one 120mm fan and another 80mm, if not a 120mm.Also, if you were to do the liquid cooling, the tubes would further restrict the already restricted airflow causing even more problems.

    Especially if you're doing any gaming you'll definitely need the added cooling. If you're not gaming, then you should be ok with the standard air cooling.

    But, these are only my opinion and you do whatever you like and I hope it works out for you. Good luck!!! :hello:
  2. Liquid cooling is a total waste of time and money for computer components.
  3. If you want a mini case, you'll need a copper heatsink and if possible, a power supply with large side fan for helping to remove warm air. If you don't need a high end cpu for your normal functions, then a celeron or sempron would be much easier to work with.
  4. No need for water cooling until you do extreme overclocking. If the case has poor airflow you can always cut a new fan hole and put another fan in.

    Oops, I didn't realize how old this topic was. Why are very old topics being linked on the right side now, didn't those used to be only new topics?

    Sorry THG but I hate the new forum design, it was much better a year or two ago.
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