Will My power supply work on this 3850 card?

What about this powersupply will it work with this card??

Power Supply http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/o [...] dup_3.html

Card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6814102730
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  1. Check out Antec's website. They have a power supply configurator that will roughly tell you how much power you need based on the components in your system. Then you can search on newegg for a power supply that will give you some power headroom over what you actually use. Unless you are running multiple cores and multiple graphics cards, you will most likely be just fine with a solid power supply ranging anywhere from 380 to 500W.
  2. The links you posted are cut off. You need to make sure to end the after the entire url name.

    If it is a standard Radeon 3850 I would say right around a 400 Watt power supply would suffice. It really depends on the other components of your pc.
  3. I am sorry its a saphire AGP 3850 512mb

    I have a termaltake 420W power supply. 18a on the 12v rail

    Asus K8ne Deluxe MB
    AMD 64 3000
    1 120 gb hard drive 7200
  4. That's plenty of power. I used a 380w for a while with my 3850 (overclocked with an OC E2160 too) 420 is plenty, they don't use nearly as much power as the 2900 they were based off of.
  5. Yea, with the components you have listed. That should more than suffice.
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