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zalman are bringing out a new case, seriously considering selling my modded tsunami dream & buying one!
what d'you guys reckon?
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  1. Has all the features of the Cosmos S and will work well with Zalman PSU's etc. The water cooling options and radiator ready top deck are nice options for serious OC's. I still think the Cosmos S is the sexiest case in town not just because I have one, because I haven't seen anything sexier yet. I'II never understand why more cases aren't made with castors standard though. Yer man, nice choice.
  2. cosmos!
    if only they had combined the hard drive caddies & side panels from cosmos 1000 with all the new design of the cosmos-s.
    they would have had the ultimate case!!
    does your side panels rattle like hexus's review claims?
  3. Nice case but I would have liked to see E-SATA on the front panel in addition to the connections it already has. I still love my Stacker 832 so I won't be switching anytime soon.
  4. goodie, what mods did you do to your tsunami dream?
  5. It's...beautiful. I need it. It looks nice, like my Lian-Li A70. I...want it. The only thing that concerns me a little is the use of plastic vs. the A-70's all-aluminumness...but its a beautiful, functional, high-class looking enclosure.
  6. It's the first case I've seen with built in ground effects!

    Great Success! :pt1cable:
  7. shoota said:
    goodie, what mods did you do to your tsunami dream?

    Nothing too Extreme!
    see what you think
  8. Alright seriosuly this case is nice but i've seen better and with the Cost of this one is going to be out there granted you can get one thats Aluminum but you can also get one that has parts of it Titanium that stuff is not cheap
  9. these cases are going to be £120 UK or $200 US :cheese:
  10. I like the way it looks. But what is the cost? Im afraid to ask....
  11. I still like the Antec 900/1200. Only thing I have against the ZALMAN case is it doesn't have a clear side panel! ( I like side panels but others might not).
  12. "does your side panels rattle like hexus's review claims?"

    That my friend I have not experienced once with the Cosmos S. No part of it rattles. When I bought it I thought it would be loud because so much of the case is designed for massive flow through, but no it's not loud. The Cosmos S also has a slide up front panel with an e-sata connection, USB's,3.5's and firewire. Before you buy one I strongly advise you to see one in person, then see what you think. The case is also tooless for those people that love fiddleing. One thing I love about gear like the cosmos S is that is really has some design to it, I mean c'mon people love curvy sports cars and curvy women, are we suppose to settle for box shaped cases? After all it is 2008. I advise everyone on the Cosmos S, I am really happy with it other that it doesn't have castors.

    The Cosmos S has handles for moving it about and for lifting it, it is a heavy case. I put a small piece of carpet under mine instead of castors so I can simply slide it forwards and backwards. Unless something else comes out that is significantly better I will be using it for my next upgrade.
  13. I was checking out the Zalman case for my current PC, but after shelling out $$$$ for two PC upgrades, I'll probably wait until the end of the year to buy it.

    I still have other expensive electronics on my shopping list for this year.
  14. Yeah same here, it might be between this case and the CM 830 for me.
  15. any one else impressed with the hot swap hard drive bays & cable management?
  16. goodie said:
    any one else impressed with the hot swap hard drive bays & cable management?

    That's two of the reasons I was looking at it.
  17. where can you buy it? how much?
  18. $200 or £119 in 6 days
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