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Hey guys! I am building a new system and I am looking for a motherboard with HDMI integrated port for blue ray content. I am interested in socket 775 gigabyte, but I am not sure if there is a socket 775 that supports HDMI. I also want to OC and I'll be multitasking, some gaming too.

Can any one gime any suggestions.

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  1. Budget? ATX or mATX?
  2. Any current mobo can output HDMI as long as you use the right video card! Almost all current gen video cards come with HDMI adapters for a video card.
  3. Doesn't the quality of the signal changes when you use an adapter? The only video card that has HDMI out put is the Nvidia 9800 GX2 which I find to expensive about $400 the rest of video cards have only DVI output, so the solution I thought could work would be to find a motherboard tha has HDMI port.

    As far as I know HDMI to HDMI is better than DVI to HDMI.
  4. If you ask a techie, they'll tell you DVI is the same as HDMI minus the audio. So you can use an adapter that's just $10 on ANY gpu.
  5. I did not know that. Thank you for your answer!

    But no one has answerd my question so far, is there a socket 775 gigabyte motherboard with HDMI integrated or any good chpiset?

  6. I'm also looking for the same recommendation (don't mind either mATX or ATX). I've checked and have found the following mobos:

    I ruled out the ASUS P5G41-M because it has less connections on the back than the others (no DVI and less audio connections).

    I ruled out ASUS P5QL-VM because it is £20 more than the others which doesn't add many features of value to me (E.g. I'm happy with only two memory slots).

    Therefore it leaves it down to Asus P5QPL-VM and the Gigabyte GA-EG41MF-US2H. Both are very similar so I then tried to find some reviews about them. The only review I could find for the Asus was a user review here:;summaryList

    This does not put this mobo in a good light. I couldn't find any reviews for the Gigabyte board. I want to use the motherboard in a HTPC rig. The existing mobo in it died so I'm hoping to just replace the motherboard. The old one I had did not have HDMI which is why I'm keen for this motherboard to have it. I will not be using the rig for gaming at all. It will only be used for Windows Vista Media Center, playing DVDs and using Win7 Media Center when I get round to buying it. I may also use it for Blu-ray playback as well.

    Are there any more recommendations for other suitable motherboards? Can anyone recommend or not recommend any of the motherboards I've listed above.

    Many thanks
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