External Hard Drive all of a sudden very slow and crashing windows exp


I bought a 1TB external, western digital purely to put music on. All i have on it is music in mp3/shn/flac format.

I have had it for a week and it has been working fine until 1/2 days ago. If i try to extract a rar using winrar, it just takes forever and ends up crashing.

If i play music through winamp, the song plays. but stops for a second, the continues.
If i even try to browse folders, windows explorer just crashes and it messes up.
If i try to defrag in o&o defragger it just seems to take forever to scan the files compared to my C:
IF i try to Ctrl x, delete, ctrl c or just browse it its just soo slow and ends up crashing.

It sounds like there is something wrong reading and writing to the disk?? All it has done is sat on top of my subwoofer, no nudges or anything.

I have tried to 'update driver' but that does nothing. I have tried to search for errors using the windows tool but it says its in use but i dont see what with seeing i only have firefox open? :S:S
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  1. magnetic disks sitting on top of large magnets(sub-woofer) is BAD. . . :(
  2. Uh oh, i didn't hav a clue.

    How far away should it be from the subwoofer? It's quite a big one, for a 5.1 system.

    Why hasn't my laptop hard drive been effects?
  3. Your laptop may be sheilded (so may the enclosure for your ext hdd) But it is not recommended to be near any magnetic source, (old tv's, turntables, speakers, fans, etc...). Your subwoofer should be off hiding in a corner or even out of sight. (They are designed to sound better that way.) Find a surface that doesn't vibrate for your external 1tb.
  4. okay, and so what should i do now?

    What software should i use to create iso's of back ups? any good software that will run diagnostics of hard drive?
  5. I'm a bit out of the current loop, but I use Ahead Nero for my iso's. Someone else may have better ideas for current wares. as for the drive, go to WD's site and download their diagnostic tools recommended for your drive . . . http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?wdc_lang=en
  6. I did the full check, and it just says, too many errors for it to continue or something like that.

    then just did the 'smart check' and it just throw up lots of error codes of stuff not being able to be read :S
  7. Try booting into the repair console. Use the chkdsk /r command. It will look for errors and repair anything possible.
  8. You could also try to recover the data with "Spinright" software.
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