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Hi, I'm finalizing my first build with the approval of the wife (Thanks to Bush's bill). I'm having trouble deciding on a monitor, I have it down to these three: 1. NEC Display Solutions ASLCD24WMCX-BK
2. Gateway FHD2400 Black-Silver 24"
3. SAMSUNG 2493HM Glossy Black 24

I'm looking for a Great Gaming Monitor that is also good to watch Blu-ray movies from my PS3. I'm pretty sure any of these will suffice but I need others opinions because I have never had a decent monitor (or a decent computer to boot), so my experience is limited to the reviews of others. As far as price goes any of these are within my budget, however the 28" is at the very end. After the edit the original 3 monitors are gone and have been replaced with higher quality 24in monitors which all are near the end of my budget.

The rest of my build will be:
OS- Microsoft Vista 64bit
DVD Burner- Samsung SH-S203N
Case- Cooler Master Centurion 590 (actually wanted the antec 1200, but can't wait until it is released)
CPU- Intel Xeon E3110 Wolfdale (heard it was the exact same as e8400 but may overclock better)
CPU HSF- Xigmatek HDT-S1283
Hard Drive- Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640gb (Close call between this and Samsung F1 750gb) I want the one with best performance with my games and OS, and I think the WD wins. Not sure Though.
Ram- Mushkin 4gb (2x2gb) (the ones with the chip that is a really good overclocker: supposedly)
Mobo- Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (Hopefully will help me get to over 4.0 with my CPU)
Power Supply- CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX
Sound Card- Asus Xonar DX (Thought I would give it a try over Creative's X-Fi, since I've never even had a Sound Card before.)
Video Card- Evga 9800GTX (with intentions of stepping up to the 9900GTX when they are released in July)

and not that they matter but:
Keyboard- Logitech g11
Mouse- Logitech g5
Speakers- Creative's 7.1 (when they get in stock)
Headset- Medusa's 5.1 surround sound

All will be purchased through newegg, since I got a $30 shipping rebate for being in the Air Force. I would also like any suggestions that may help with price/performance/compatibility for the rest of my system. Just in Case you need a reminder what this post is for- Best Monitor for Gaming and such on my new system ( I would like my build to be like a complete entertainment center). and Thank you!
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  1. this is a /bump because this is kinda urgent. You know how Newegg changes their prices all the time. Also I will be attempting to overclock as much as possible.
    Ahhh 35 views and no help :(
  2. When in doubt - punt. Or call in the A-10s.
    Hanns·G HG-281D - avoid. ExtremeTech says "you get what you pay for"
    KDS K-2626MDHWB - really hard to find any reviews to use for a recommendation. The KDS website lists this model as being part of its "Business Series"
    BenQ G2400W - MFGRs like to strut a bit and lists reviews and awards their equipment has gained. BenQ 24" FP241VW (sorry none for the G2400W)
    Also difficult to find reviews on this monitor.

    Now for that punt: BenQ G2400 vs Samsung 245BW vs Gateway FHD2400
    Samsung 245BW hard to go wrong with this choice & $410 after rebate and free shipping. Samsung 245BW review
    Gateway FHD2400 Tilt/Swivel/Pivot/Height Adjustments and 4 USB port on the monitor. $480 with shipping. Gateway FHD2400 review

    8GBs of RAM is definately overkill. There is no benefit going from 4 to 8 that makes it worth the expense.
    Silencer 750w is overkill as you mentioned. Corsair 650TX is still plenty of overkill and $60 less after rebate. It only has 2 x PCI-e 6+2 connectors (Silencer 750 has 4) but then you are going after only 1 video card. I would have suggested the Corsair 550TX but there is only a $5 difference between the 2 at this moment.
  3. WR2 said:
    There is no benefit going from 4 to 8 that makes it worth the expense.
    Silencer 750w is overkill as you mentioned.

    That really depends on what you'll be doing with your rig. If you:

    1) Virtualize then 8GB of RAM is great because of the number of virtual machines running you can host

    2) Want to disable the pagefile. With 8GB Vista doesn't need it and doesn't miss it.
  4. WR2 said:
    You'd probably want to drop the SamSung 245BW and replace it with Samsung 2943HM so you can go full HDMI with the PS3 Blu Ray.
  5. thanks for the help. I think I will just get one set of memory now and if I decide to upgrade later, i'll use the rebate.
    I'm also gonna get the corsair power supply but the 750w one, I think.
    I'm really kind of bummed about the Hann's G. I was almost set on it for $500 and free shipping, hadn't read that review though.
    The review you linked me of the samsung 245bw was awesome ( I'll be checking that site again) I think Im leaning toward the Gateway now because of all the connections for my PS3. Thank you very much for the replies.
    I'm still up for suggestions
  6. Ok after some more research I'm trying to choose between these two:

    1. Gateway FHD2400 Black-Silver 24" 3ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor
    2. SAMSUNG 2493HM Glossy Black 24" 5ms DVI HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

    Haha I went to 2 completely different Monitors than the 3 I started out with
  7. I'd drop the NEC and choose between the Samsung or Gateway...unless the NEC's image quality is so superior to the other two that it makes up for it not being able to rotate.
  8. Done. So which of the two would you recommend hal, also do you think I should choose the WD Hard drive over the Samsung F1?
  9. A 24" LCD Review from over @ AnandTech w FHD2400 & 2493HM included
    I'd break it down this way:
    Features: FHD2400 USB ports, Component, Composite, S-Video options
    Warranty: Samsung (3 years vs 1 for FHD2400)
    Performance Quality: nearly a tossup
    Overall Quality: a nod to Samsung's historical quality over time
    Price: FHD2400 with $50 off coupon code: monitor5150

    You might also consider holding off on the sound card & giving yourself a chance to evaluate the onboard 7.1 audio of the GA P35-DS3L.
    You can always add the Asus Xonar DX later if the onboard sound doesnt meet your expectations.

  10. A short hard disk benchmark comparison between WD6400AAKS and F1 HD753LJ
  11. A couple things here. I've been using a Samsung monitor and have found it to be good, but when comparing picture, features, etc, probably the best thing to do is to go to a Best Buy or whatever and look at different monitors so that you can know what looks best to your eyes. None of us can tell you that. Then shop for teh best price among the various e-tailers.

    Next, if you get a 24" or 26" monitor, you may find that you need two video cards to power it if you want to turn on high details in a game. If you then get two video cards, a PC P&C 750wt PSU becomes well worth it.

    Just a couple things to consider.
  12. Omen15 said:
    Done. So which of the two would you recommend hal, also do you think I should choose the WD Hard drive over the Samsung F1?

    I'd go for the WD. Believe it or not out of all the HD's I've come across I've never had a WD fail on me, knock on wood. Based on that experience that'd be my selection.
  13. Thanks for the link to the Hard Drive's. I'm definetly going to go with the Western Digital.
    Will that code for the Gateway work at NewEgg?
  14. Well I screwed up! I ordered everything from Newegg but got the BenQ instead of the Gateway. Dang it and they would be the same price after that Promo Code. DAANNG ITTT.
  16. The Promo code IS for NewEgg...
    Give them a call and rework your order on the phone.
    They're pretty good about that.
  17. Dude I have the Gateway fhd2400, and it's awesome. I would return it(BenQ) and get the gateway, or even go to fry's that's where I got mine. The screen is awesome, and all the inputs are great. Have my pc, xbox360, hooked up to this. It's dynomite!!!!!! I would look no further than the gateway, but that's just my opinion. You' ll love it.
  18. I sure hope so, I already sent them a email and will call as soon as they open tomorrow
  19. Let us know how things turn out.
  20. I called them today at 8:00am and they told me my order was already preparing to ship and they couldn't change it, but that I could RMA the monitor unopened for a full refund and no restocking fee. SO I went ahead and ordered the Gateway with the promo code and Im going to RMA the BenQ when it gets here. Only thing is: I got to pay the shipping for the monitor to newegg.
  21. They work quick @ NewEgg even on Sunday's it seems.
    At least the extra discount with the promo code takes some of the sting out of shipping the BenQ back to NewEgg.
  22. actually I may not have to ship it back now, I emailed them and a lady responded and told me the easiest thing to do is refuse it, and It will be shipped back for free and I will be given credit. I've already put in another order for the gateway monitor. Yea! thank you all.
  23. Thanks for mentioning that.
    We've seen instances of post-order angst that might have been solved by that tidbit of info.
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