I FAIL to install xp

i have used some scavenged parts from different computers to make a single one
and everything is ok until i try to install xp 64bit pro

[make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. if the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly [teminated. consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documentation for more informantion

[you must select a different partition for windows
[to continue, press enter

and yes the disk is partitioned and it works fine on my other computer
its SATA so if its slave or master dosent matter

please help :(
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  1. Perhaps you could give a few details of your system - motherboard, processor, hard disk, that sort of thing. I assume that you do have a 64-bit CPU?
  2. power supply 480w
    motherboard: p5b-vm
    cpu: 2.8 intel dual core socket 755
    harddisk: western digital 320gb
    ram 4gb
    dvdrom:some random thing from a 4yr old pc
  3. ram:corsair 800mhz 2048mb
  4. The only suggestion that comes to mind offhand is to try different SATA ports on the motherboard just to elimnate the possibility of a bad port. Are you able to install a different OS on the drive? - perhaps try a Linux distro just to check. I guess it's possible that XP64 doesn't have a SATA driver for that particular chipset; are you able to change the SATA mode to "IDE" in the BIOS?
  5. it worked and thanks for the help, it seems like i can focus more on my courses now
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