Wierd lines on TFT monitor????? plz help :(


i recently just installed XP onto my computer and previously had Vista installed. NOw i dnt know if this line (outline of the Vista explorer) was there before and i didnt notice it but once i started up in XP its really visible, here are some pics:



Now 1stly i thought it mite be screen burn or sommthing like that, but the windows task bar at the bottom has left now trace.

Im on a "Videoseven" tft monitor and a ATI 1950X pro graphics card

also when i take print screens this does not come up, now does it appear in Bios screen.

thanks any help would be much appriciated.
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  1. If it is not showing up on a screen cap, then it is likely the monitor itself is the problem.

    Try uninstalling your video drive in Safe Mode, then reinstall then when you boot back into Windows.

    I doubt it is a driver issue, but it's worth a shot before deciding on what monitor to replace your current monitor.
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