Help Overclocking E8400, ASRock P45XE

I really need help with this one.
I decided to overclock recently, but am running into some problems.
I currently have a C2D E8400 with Stock Cooling
ASRock P45XE -
G.Skill 4GB DDR2 1066
I can safely overclock my CPU to 3.2Ghz, and my DRAM Frequency is at 593Mhz which I think is DDR2 1183 or something.

Unfortunately, whenever I seem to overclock higher than 3.2Ghz (356Mhz), I get a whole mess of problems.
Here are some pictures of my BIOS screens (The Second picture down on the left is the Overclock Settings)

Whenever I change my CPU Frequency anywhere from 360Mhz (3.25Ghz) to 380Mhz(3.4Ghz), it restarts fine, but Windows never loads properly, I always get BSOD's.

Also, whenever I am changing the CPU Frequency, I either adjust the FSB Strap and change the DRAM Frequency to DDR2 1066 or lower, or I keep it on Auto. Either way, I still get problems.

And whenever I change my CPU Frequency to anything Higher than 380Mhz, my computer turns on, but my monitor doesn't display anything. It ceases from getting signal.

I have tried to change my voltage to 1.175, and that still didn't work, and I have kept it on Auto, and that still doesn't work.

Is there something wrong with my motherboard? Can my motherboard simply NOT overclock that high? [Supposedly has a High FSB (2000 O.C.)]

Am I doing it all wrong? (This is the most likely answer)

Any details on how to overclock would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. It sounds to me that you aren't changing your memory divider. So when your ram trys to run at faster speeds, it doesn't work.

    for example, if you set your FSB to 400 and your cpu multiplier is set to 9, you will run at 3.6 ghz. But if your memory is set to run at 2:3, then you will be running your ram at 600mhz, since its DDR2 (Double Data Rate) it will run at 1200mhz. Or atleast try, and fail miserably. By setting your divider to the correct setting, for example 3:4, it will make your memory run at 533 mhz, meaning 1066 for DDR2.

    Make sense?

    Anytime I am OC'ing my chip and trying to find the sweet spot, I try to take other factors out of the equation. I would set your FSB to 400, set your ram to 1:1 so it runs at DDR2 800 speeds, then max your multiplier. If 9 is the max, it will run at 3.6, if 10 is the max, it will run at 4 gigahertz. I don't remember off the top of my head what the max setting is on the 8400's.
  2. Well, as stated by serpent1202 you really need to set your FSB strap.

    Also, take most of your settings off AUTO. Leaving them on auto and overclocking can only do bad things, like overvolting. The screen shots you show are a little help to you, but can also be VERY BAD for you because it doesn't really tell you what you need to know about overclocking. You should learn what all the different settings in your BIOS do, so you can determine what needs to be changed and when.

    We could go back and fourth with different bios settings but that wouldn't teach you anything about overclocking. I would suggest reading the guide below then start with all your bios settings at their lowest stable setting and working up, watching your temps and test after changing settings.

    Also, stock cooler and overclocking is not a good combination. Watch your temps!!!

    P.S. If you have done the guide thing and it didn't help, post YOUR bios settings, EO or CO E8400, Ram timings and voltage and we'll see what we can do for you.
  3. Why the new thread?
  4. Yep, he's got the same EXACT thread started twice.

    Fear3d and theAnimal were trying to help you. You may want to go back to your original thread and continue there.
  5. Don't give up. I got the e8400 running at 2000 FSB ( 8 X 500, 1.36 volts) on my Asus P5Q SE PLUS, G Skill DDR 2 1066 running at 500 mhz on a 1:1 FSB DRAM ratio, on Intel stock air cooling. However, I have both case side panels out and I have the computer next to a slightly open door with 40 degress F air blowing into it. It's stable enough to run Aquamark (233,000 score on EVGA 8800 GTS) but but cores fail Prime 95. I agree with the earlier post that your ram should run within it specs.
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