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Hey all.
I have Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate. It has been fine for a month, and all of a sudden I have an Issue.
I have a SeaGate 500.1GB 3.0Gb/s HDD and when I boot up in normal mode it will go to the desktop and the hard drive will then give an excessive amount of clicking *the read/write arm moving back and forth is my guess, and by excess, I mean more than it did previously* and then it freezes up. I cannot ctrl+alt+del, I can't move the mouse, nothing, then I manually reboot the system, run in safe mode w/ networking and It can run all day long, even so much as to let me on the internet and make this post.

Also something to note, Vista did a Hard drive check, searching through the files for bad or corrupt data.
It reported no corrupted or bad files, but there was a lot of about half a dozen files it 'Orphaned' from other files. Do I simply need to find the Vista disc and do an OS repair? Thanks in advance for the reply!

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  1. First off, back up all your data now.

    Your hard disk is failing, if you're actually hearing clicking. Is it still under warranty? If so, you can probably get a replacement, reinstall the OS, and you're set!
  2. Alright thanks. I was afraid of that, but it should be under warranty, I received this HDD so recently : /
    Anyway, off to do the old 7 hours of software marathon reinstalls. Thank you again maniac :D
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