Will the GTX 280 suffer performance loss on PCI-e 1.0?

I jsut ordered a P5K-E board with a p35 chipset. I found it for 99 dollars on sale at frys and picked it up. i am waiting to finish building my system when the new cards come out next month. I was wondering if it will hurt the performance of the card since the board isnt pci-e 2.0.
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  1. Most cards don't use anywhere near the full bandwidth of even a 1.0 pci express x16 slot. Its hard to say with hardware that has yet to be released and it may cut a few frames per second, but I would be surprised if it were more than say 1 to 5. You should be fine.
  2. no u should be fine the 9800gx2 doesnt even require pcie 2.0. the new cards coming out r going to be like maybe 20-25% faster so it might use the full bandwidth of x16 but it shouldnt require pcie 2.0. u might get a few fps difference but it shouldnt be a real bottleneck. the only bottleneck i can see is the cpu these days u need a high end cpu to fully utilize high end cards. the next gen of cards i think u would need a cpu over 3.0ghz to get the full potential.
  3. ^ As he said.

    Not too sure about the CPU bit though.
  4. ^^ well it depends on the game really, anyways it won't hurt the performance either :)
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