New motherboard old HD/ Not recognizing keyboard

hey guys, we recently had a bad thunder storm which knocked out the power and fried my motherboard. I went out and bought a new one.

I installed correctly but when i power on it loads to: sorry due to recent hardware change windows did not start correctly (or something like that) where you choose start normally, last known config, safe mode etc.

The thing is, i cant even get into the BIOS because its not recognizing my keyboard...? any ideas? thanks!
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  1. You're keyboard may also have been fried by the lightning.....
    Did you check to see if it works on another PC.?
    Actuality It may pay to check every component that was connected to see if anything else may have been fried.
  2. I went and had the computer tested at a diagnostic place, they told me it fried my motherboard and psu. I have built computers before, but never come across anything like this...

    The keyboard is an older one of mine that i had kept. I have tested multiple keyboards also... :S
  3. Is it a USB or PS/2 keyboard.

    Is your motherboard a evga nForce 680i SLI as stated in you sig.

    I just had a quick look at the pdf for this motherboard, on pg:108 under USB Config is a section for enabling and disabling USB keyboard/Mouse support. I've never had to change the default setting in order to get either to work, but just a suggestion.
  4. No man, this is for a different computer. Its actually my parents computer.

    It is a PS/2 keyboard also.

  5. Seems weird that something like this would happen. You can always go through the route of using acronis universal restore and see if that clears it up.
  6. yes, I know. thats why i thought id post it up here and see if you guys had any answers for me...

    What is an acronis universal restore? Isnt that wiping the HD?
  7. Quote from their web page.
    Acronis® Universal Restore allows you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing complete disaster recovery. Acronis® Universal Restore prepares you for even the most unforeseen events.

    I don't think that acronis universal restore will help.

    Seeing that your keyboard is unrecognized from boot up. "it kinda makes it hard to install it anyway"
    Do you think that you may have purchased a faulty board..?
  8. I was about to make a topic just like this when I saw yours.

    Bought a new motherboard and some other stuff today, But can't find the keyboard, so I can't enter BIOS.. And the comp resets after the bios check, so it's just standing there loop-rebooting every 10 sec..

    Board is a ga-ep45-ds3 (gigabyte) tried with 2 different USB keyboards and a ps/2 keyboard. Nothing.
  9. I've done some research now.. And I found this :

    Don't know if you got one of those boards, but I got a DS3 board, so guess I will have to try with less speedy ram or something.. Kinda crappy as I bought this today ;)
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