Double checking about OC'ing and RAM

As I've said in a few other posts, I'm planning a future build in which I plan to overclock. Naturally I've been doing my homework and I think I have my answer but I wanted to double check with people.

Basically I'm wondering about using DDR2-800 vs 1066.

From what I've read etc, it seems that there would be no need for 1066 as long as the FSB of the CPU wasnt above 400Mhz. Also, since I will most likely be getting PII 940 where I can simply change the multiplier, it would be running at default FSB and 800 would be fine.

Is this correct? Or if I OC the 940 am I going to need 1066?
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  1. From my understanding of things - You are absolutely correct. One thing you may want to keep in mind though is this:

    100 (FSB) x 20 (Multi) = 2.0ghz or 200 (FSB) X 10 (multi) = 2.0ghz

    The latter option would result in a slightly quicker, and more stable OC due to the increase in FSB. The higher the better.

    Unlocked multi is damn sweet still...
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