Disabling, turning off or breaking an LED light

I just bought a Zalman CNPS8700 from newegg, which to my dissatisfaction comes with a bright blue LED. There was a 8700NT which described a LED in the product details (the one I purchased didn't) so I thought I was good. I think LEDs are fine, but when they aren't in the room you sleep in. I have a SG03 case so the light beams out through the front grill to display all its radiance and glory. This is a problem.

Anyone know if I can disable or break the LED and if this will stop my cooler from working? 00 Or is there an 8700 without and LED.
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  1. It won't hurt the cooler if you find the tiny wires that go to the LED and cut one of them. Make sure the wires cannot touch.

    If you can pull the LED out then cut the wires etc, or crush the LED and find the wire ends etc. You don't want to short the two wires together, thats all.
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