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Hi everyone i am new and i am portugues, soo sorry for my bad English...

i want know who is better for the new games like crysis etc... and CS 1.6 etc....

i have:
Asus A9550GE/TD/256M/A
3D Blaster5 FX 5600XT (256MB).

Who is better for i play crysis and CS 1.6 etc...???
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  1. The 9550 runs circles around the 5600XT. XT is for a low end card, if it was and Ultra then it would be a toss up really.
  2. Umm... Wait... Crysis? On a 9550? It wouldn't even run Bioshock, so not Crysis.

    Both will run CS 1.6 fine though. The 9550 is better though.
  3. I think you will need minimally a 6800GT to run Crysis and that will be on low settings. CS is fine for the 9550 as sridervm said and the 9550 is better between the two cards you asked about.

    If you want to run crysis and you can swing it, go for an ATI 1950XT agp card. Its probably as good as you will be able to get for an agp system Just make sure you have a good enough power supply for it.
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