Help me get my Q9650 stable at 4GHz

It seems fine at 4GHz at 1.314v but when I run Intel Burn Test I get a error that saying either my CPU or Ram is unstable. Now I think it is the ram becuase I can boot at this voltage and when I boot at the max CPU voltage 1.3625v I get the same error in IBT. I don't really know what to look for to unlink my memory to DDR2 1066MHz. My memory Voltage is at 2.2v, FSB 1.28v, NB 1.26v

Please help.

Asus P5Q-Pro Intel P45 chipset. I can boot at 4.2GHz but get the same thing but this time with a BSOD. And CPU volts at 1.35v
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  1. Try dropping the multiplier to around 6x and pump up teh NB. This will allow u to find a good limit on the mobo and ur ram letting u play around with those voltages till its steady. Then start raising the CPU multiplier and play around with that once u have a good fsb limit
  2. second thing. I don't think it is the CPU. at stock settings it still fails IBT on maximum performance put passes when I do 1/4. Where it dose not test the ram. I'm thinking of getting memtest86 and see if I have bad memory.
  3. Yea definitely download Memtest86+ and boot it off a CD
  4. I ran memtest and at aroun 11-18% the PC crashes. So now I think it is diffently a bad ram.
  5. Try running 1 stick at a time

    U should be getting just errors though, crashing is, thats some dud ram lol
  6. I'll try that later after work. oh this is my specs for my ram This is my ram
  7. You didn't say what timings you are using with that ram. You might google that ram and overclocking and see if you find what settings other people are using.
  8. defualt timings. But I don't think that is my problem. I think the problem is that the memory I have is not on the supported memory type for this board. 5-5-5-15
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