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Hello, I am looking for a new graphics card that will fit my motherboard. My motherboard is an Intel D865GBF with specs I had an ATI AIW 9600xt graphics card with specs That decided to crap out on me a year after warranty. So, I decided to buy a better card for a cheaper price. I no longer "need" the AIW functionality but would like it if they still have any. I also, don't want to go with ATI due to the fact that I am running Ubuntu and I hate ATI's proprietary drivers. So I want to go with NVIDIA and I want to be able to watch DVD's and the usual on the card. I'm not a gamer, so the card just needs to be decent. I also wish to spend under 100$. The lower the better but quality should be decent. I have found : but I don't know if there are any other cards better that would be about the same price, and that would also fit my motherboard. My monitor is a 15inch Mitsubishi Diamond Point V50LCD if that matters. Any help finding me a decent card would be appreciated! Thanks. Brian
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  1. Well, I'm looking for a card that is cheap, much less than 100$, not used for gaming and not ATI. Which is the exact opposite of what you gave me, not to be mean or anything. A cheap NVIDIA would be nice but something that is decent quality, better or equivalent to my previous card. Thanks.
  2. Also, it would be nice if it can be overclocked with stock cooling. If anyone knows of any.
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