HDs not showing up in the correct order

I ran into the wierdest situation. I decided to use 2 HDs in my new system. An old 1.5GB/s 250 GB HD and a new WD 3.0GB/s 1TB. I put the Maxtor on SATA1 on both the PSU's Cable and the MB. The WD went on SATA2. When I went to install the OS, it showed the WD as C: and the Maxtor with no drive letter.

Why would it do that and how do I get it so Maxtor is C: and WD is D:?

I hope it doesn;t mean the Maxtor is dead.
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  1. Windows can only assign drive letters to NTFS partitions - if you've never partitioned and formatted the drive then it will show up without a drive letter and the other drives will be assigned letters starting at C:.

    In the setup program you need partition and format the drive. Once you've done that, you can start the setup program over again and it should assign letters to the drives in the order they appear on the controller.
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