What PCI-E 2.0 Board/Memory Combo for OC'ing E8400?

What's the best PCI-E 2.0 Board/Memory Combo for OC'ing an E8400?

I plan to OC to at least 4.0Ghz. At this point I'm not too concerned with cooling, as I'm going to keep it at 3.6Ghz until I can afford to invest more money into better cooling.

If you could please pick a mobo from here thats under 200, that would be great!


From the same site, what would be the best 4gb kit to use for overclocking the E8400 to at least 4.0ghz?
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  1. As for your mobo, go for Asus P5Q-E.
    About memory, Corsair 8500C5DF is probably a good choice. 4Gb(2x2GB)@1066Mhz for $136.
  2. So I should get the XMS2 Dominators?
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