Hamachi reinstall without formating the PC


I installed Hamachi application (30 day free trail) on my PC XP2 to play fifa on LAN. Now when i try to turn on the Application (hamachi) it states that the license has got expired and can't connect.

Just let me know that how could i re-install it again for 30 day free trail period without formating the PC.

I tried to setup it. It goes well up to finish and on opening the application, it says license got expired.

Please help what files need to be deleted and from where in C drive though it will not identify that i have already installed it before.
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  1. Get this straight.

    We don't teach people how to hack beyond a trial period.

    If you like the program that much BUY IT.

    If it never worked at all in the first place, contact the publisher.
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