Windows not allowing me to setup Dual Screens

I know I can do it....I have a 8800gt and the Nvidia drives let me but when I go into display propertys and the setup tab it wont allow me to enble 2 screens....I have set up 2 monitors before but this is confusing the hell out of me and I really hope I can get some answers here.
I would just use the drivers but it wont let me use the other monitor as extra screen space....It just Clones, stretches it Horizontally and Vertically

My computer used to be able to do it when I had 2 6800 gt in SLI (I know ancent cards but I got the whole computer for a good price)

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Go to display properties in windows by right clicking on the destop...
    Click on the 2nd monitor, then make sure to check the check box that says to "extend my desktop onto this monitor"

    That should do it. I don't have a Nvidia card or else I'd help with there drivers. BTW, if you are running SLI with the current generation of cards (like the 8800gt) dual monitors will not work.
  2. See thats the thing....It will only show as if one monitor is detected....I wont even let me try to setup the second one.
  3. What happens when you click identify monitors?
    (Do they both say 1?)

    Oh yeah, what OS are you using?

    Could you clarify what it is doing? When you say it just clones and stretches do you mean that the "stretching" is just because you bought a larger monitor?

    I had a similar problem, if you bought a WS monitor it might be easier to boot up with only it connected, then plug in your original monitor and see if you can enable the extended desktop option from there. I made a post here a problem with my ATI300 card not being able to use the native 1680 x 1220 resolution when both my WS and standard monitor was plugged in. I was able to get it to work by trying the WS monitor w/o the other connected.

    It never hurts to reboot and try again :)

    And if all else fails, try updating the drivers.
  4. Well its been doing it for awhile....I have XP pro and Im installing SP3....I had the beta but it still worked before and I didnt see a identify monitors option in the display menu....Its not like this is going to kill me or anything its just its kinda bugging me that Windows wont let me do it....

    And what I mean about stretching is like it makes both monitors one big one.
  5. Does your Windows Task bar stretch across both monitors, or is it only on one? What resolution does it say your monitor is running at?

    I no longer have any xp machines at home although the situation I referred to above involved xp pro.
  6. Yes is stretches the task bar all the way across....even my background and my shortcuts.

    Dont know what the problem is but Im going to upgrade my mobo, CPU, and ram this summer when I get the money and maybe that will work....Its because I have a 15" LCD and Im going to get a 22" widescreen LCD and wanted to run the 15" as a extra space monitor....I just wanted to test it out and thats when I realized I Windows wouldnt let me do it....As I said before nvidia detects the second monitor and can interact with it but Windows just is just being lame.
  7. Hey, sorry I couldn't be of more help. Maybe it's got to do with SP3 or something.

    Hopefully someone here can help you resolve this. I'm off to do some Sunday yard work.

  8. Thanks for the support....Nah SP3 didnt mess it up....It just must be the mobo.
  9. Did you download and install the latest video card drivers from nvidia?
    when you look at the 1 monitor in display properties what is the resolution?
    Try this:
    right click the desktop
    select nvidia control panel
    find advanced settings
    setup multiple displays
    does it show a dualview option? if so check it. also make sure you select different monitors in the drop down boxes
  10. I was having the same issues,turns out I just needed to turn the monitor I was adding off after setting up with "extend monitor",then it worked just fine.
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